Kissing Frogs

Is inevitable, and uncomfortable but as I have learned in the past few years is that it is absolutely necessary. Despite the immediate vulgarity of kissing a slimey creature, there is a temptation to ignore the slippery surface and give in to the chance that this frog could in fact turn into a prince. Just as the fairytales say, it is much more likely that the frog will leave a bitter taste on your lips and hop away oblivious to what could have been, a complete disregard for your disappointment with the outcome. This leads to the question that no one is quite sure how to answer. Why do we kiss them? Frog after frog, we get upset with ourselves for thinking “this may be the one.” The more we kiss, the more dissappointed we become when they do not become princes. To no avail, we repeat this, to find the same results, the same bitter taste in our mouths, time after time.

So why do we kiss frogs?

Because each one is an experience. And we are desperately hopeful to learn something more about this creature who consistently baffles us. The first, may teach us how to kiss. The second, may make you think kissing him could only end well. The third may ask you to kiss him, only to kiss the next who comes along and then hop away carelessly. You may ask the fourth to stay, to watch and see if he will morph into your expectations, but he will leap swiftly away from your hold.

Those who kiss frogs are not oblivious, nor do they give up their kiss to just any frog. They take a chance, and when it doesn’t work out they figure out why.

They realize there is a reason for that kiss, no matter how dissappointing the end result may be. Each kiss helps them to understand these beings little by little. Discovering slowly what they do and do not like, and how to rely on theirselves before their expectations. Once this internal search is complete, and the realization becomes of one’s self as opposed to one’s surroundings, the seek will cease.

A prince will appear, and there will be no chance or dissappointment. No morphing frogs.

Just the prince, and who you had been looking for all along.



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