Changing Tides

Distracted and oblivious,
I missed you make your way into my life.
I saw you without seeing you.
Then there you were, intrusive and obvious.
I let you in, without ever letting you make an entrance.
Now we are here,
so many days into our fairytale.
Wrecked and abandoned,
yet wildly independent.

On the sand, we ran.
Picking up shells, picking up the pieces of what we had left behind.
We danced, alone.
To only the music you hummed so softly.
You told me your story, and I told you mine.
As we were making our own.

Those days are a blur of vivid color,
lost to you, I am sure.
Our past is common knowledge,
something so vague yet consuming.
We played the parts of ourselves,
never knowing what the other was.

Lost in this world, and lost in our thoughts.
What once brought us together,
would see to it that we end.
Your crooked smile,
my open heart.

Our days are distant, growing less visible with the seconds.
But in that place, we glowed with potential.
Individually we are guided into our lives,
I’m guided into places that you will never see.
we start to morph into the person we should be.
And I can’t help but wonder,
when you are that person, will you think about me?


5 thoughts on “Changing Tides

  1. Glorious. Beautiful. Engaging–I got lost in it. And just so amazingly, flowingly, inspiringly lyrical. Your imagery has a cadence that is both precise and graceful.

    I read my comment above and it sounded pretentious, but I swear I meant every single word. I’m in awe. 😀


    1. Wow that is amazing to hear. Thank you so so much you have no idea how much that means. I have been writing since I could pick up a pencil, mostly stuff like this. I have never shared it with anyone and I’m thinking about giving it a try, but it’s a scary thing. I appreciate your comment so much. I hope I can figure out how to break into the writing world, you have given me fresh motivation.


      1. You’re welcome. Just stay inspired and keep writing. You already have amazing talent and a flowing heart.

        I for one have learned a lot reading The Daily Post on WordPress discussing how to build our blogs, promote our writings, and make the most of the tools and features to our advantage. Maybe you can start from there. 😉 Good luck!


      2. Thank you again. I look forward to reading your writing! (It’s hard from a iPhone screen) but I will be sure to check it out and the daily post.

        You have to start somewhere 🙂


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