The Present is Never A Bad Time

Something I wrote while I was in Memphis Tennessee… thought it was time I shared it. Thought maybe it would mean something to someone.

” A strand fell across her freckled nose, light as the sun and free from control.
A wave crashed, close to shore, and frightened the seagulls at play.
And she smiled, a wide smile and her cheeks were tinted pink and she said

‘today is a perfect day, I wish you would just lead me away. But if today wasn’t today and the clouds erased the suns warm rays, would you leave now or would you stay?’

And his dark skin reached over to her, the waves crashed and the ocean roared, and he said –
that there’s no way he’d ever stray.

The next day, rain hit the sand unforgivingly, and the sky grew black and churned the sea. The clouds erased the sun’s warm rays but to the shore she made her way.

But the waves still crashed, and the sea churned wild. She stood under the rain, a lost child. As the sea rose, she waited there. His love, her one and only care. Strands of hair, whipped her face, as she sat and waited in their special place.

He never did come around that day, and the sea grew strong. It washed her away.

And now you know it’s true what they say, you should never wait for the perfect day.”


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