If You Like Economics You’re In For A Treat

Show me your demand elasticity,
at the wrong time, in the wrong place wearing all the right things

and with what im giving you,
are you responsive
or are you going perfectly vertical this time
away from everything im hinting,
ignoring what ive chosen to share

and the quantity of my heart im handing over,
how many substitutes do you have for that?
there are no substitutes for what is real,
and if you want me,
talk back.

tell me you’re not holding onto absolute values
face the negative
and ignore it,

ive got a counter for all of your concerns
everything is positive in the end,
if you show some elasticity
just relatively, down the stairway, across the street,

ill tell you what I want from you,
if I know you will give it back to me in the end.

but we’re opposite signs working opposite times,
my dream is not to have two separate dreams
that somewhere combine

my wish is to dream a single dream,
although separate parts,
and enjoy the ride, no matter what.

enjoy the times I see you smile, and wake up to your skin.
because I know no matter how sharp
your incline is,
and mine tilts downward to the right,

you are responsive,
and we are elastic
and we are one in the same

we are a demand unit
as you would pay the same price for me,
as I would be willing to provide for you,

and that, if not anything else,
is the happiest an equilibrium could ever make me.

November 2, 2010 Shelby Langan


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