On Occasion

Sometimes all we really want is someone to look at us, like they’ve never seen us before.

Sometimes all we really want is a pair of ears eager to hear, any kind of words coming from our mouth.
Sometimes we just want someone, who is interested in every single word,
who stops us between breaths and kisses us like it is the first, or the last time it would happen.
Every so often, we want someone who makes us feel not only interesting and enthusiastic;
we want someone who helps us to feel secure.
Someone who, not only can make us feel secure in our own skin,
but in their arms the entire night, as the TV plays your favorite movie.
Sometimes, you dream up a world, and a life you belong to because of this person, only to feel like your world fits inside theirs perfectly.
Sometimes, it is not your choice to start and stop emotions;
your heart automatically switches gears in their presence.

Sometimes, you let yourself slip into a state where you are comfortable and content knowing you have someone who truly and deeply cares about you.

Someone who admires your every movement, every statement, every gesture, and every flaw.

Sometimes, you find yourself thinking that everything else could go wrong, but it would be okay because you have your best friend,
and you could never lose them.

Sometimes your head hits the pillow just the way it did, when it hit theirs.
And you’re reminded of every moment you spent rolling in blankets and holding on to that person simply just to know they are there.

Sometimes, when the weather changes, and the waves break colder,
sometimes when those sunny days spent on grass, sand and back porches -change to early evenings and cold feet,
sometimes for some unknown reasons things turn around,
In the most unexpected and unfortunate ways.

Sometimes, for whatever reason, or no reason at all,
you find yourself under a blanket in an empty room wishing that person was there;
and all you want is to share yourself with someone however insecure that self is.

Then comes a time, when you learn that these people come,
only to show us what real joy is, to make us cling, crush and fall only so when we get back up,
it makes it that much easier to see it coming next time.

And not every special person will prove to be a disappointment,
sometimes the ups and downs, the lies, the games, the smiles, the tears, the laughs;
sometimes they all prove worth it.

Even if you didn’t learn something about people in general, you learned something about yourself.
And, maybe sometimes, you need to truly know yourself in order to let anyone else truly know you.


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