Rising From The Ashes

Something in you,
It was electrifying and genuine.
Something in you
Ignited a part of me
So deeply hidden for so many days
So long I hadn’t known the part of myself
That you set on fire.
You woke up a place inside my chest
That had been sleeping
Hibernating from the hurt of past experiences,
Hiding from anything that could touch it.
In me, you created a spark
That could light up the world
And guide me to what I could never see
There was a piece of you
That latched on to me
And clings so tightly
Even when you are what I want to forget the most
That kiss it showed me the world I could have,
If I had just been awake.
Embers of what you created still stir under my skin
For that I can not thank you enough.
You lit a fire inside of me,
And then you set me free.


5 thoughts on “Rising From The Ashes

    1. Wow thank you so much. I just started sharing with the world… And it was really tough for me. It’s feedback like that which helps me to know I made a good choice. Can’t wait to see more of your blog!


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