Thank You.

I could have never dreamed of the miracle I witnessed tonight.
Not in my wildest and strangest dreams would I have ever thought that I would have had the opportunity to connect with so many people, on so many levels through words alone.
What I write has never been compromised, there is not a thought process behind it.
And as I grow, I am sure I will learn more about the words that I create.
But I will never forget the reason I create them.
It started with me, I feel something, and I feel it passionately.
I have always believed that I felt emotions stronger than most people do,
that they come to me in consuming waves and they don’t let me escape them.
That can lead to a lot of pain, a lot of confusion, anger and emptiness.
But tonight, it led me to feel content, and worthy.
My writing starts with me, but the reason I decided to share it was because there is one thing I want to do in the world-
I want to connect with people.
Knowing that I can change an attitude, an outlook or a mindset may be the greatest gift I have ever received.
To know that my simple words, that stream from my heart, can take someone to a place they loved, or help someone get through a tragic loss, that is something that is irreplaceable.
I genuinely care about people, and I have always wanted what was best for someone, even if it wasn’t what was best for me.
Tonight I took a risk by putting myself out there, for anyone to judge. And I am glad I did.
If my words have the ability to touch people, to help them in some way then I have been selfish by not sharing them sooner.

I am so thankful and so relieved for the feedback I have received.
I always wondered why I felt so much, and I think tonight I found the answer.
There are some people who need to express things and don’t know how, there are people who need to express things but cannot do it on their own.
I will risk feeling these emotions so overwhelmingly for the rest of my life, because now I know the power these words have behind them.

Thank you for validating my heart, thank you for receiving it so gracefully.
And I will never stop putting it out on the line after tonight.
I hope that my words find you, and I hope that in them you can find some piece of yourself.


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