The Cure For Time

I always feared the onset of winter
Because I couldn’t control the end of it
The bitter cold, the short and shadowed days
Time was the only cure for them.

I stood in the snow today
My fingers curled in leather gloves
For once, the cold was the last thing on my mind

I always feared the winter,
Because time was out of my control.
Sunny days of summer,
could not begin because I wanted them.

Yearning for a warm breeze,
never stopped the piercing wind.
Wanting a blue sky,
it gave me hope
but it put me on a waiting list for happiness.

My fingers stretched into gloves,
Wool warmed my aching ears
I was prepared to live this day
I was prepared for the cold

So I could not change it,
and that is the base of all fear.
I could learn to love it,
the time I had spent waiting for seasons to change
Was time I should have embraced
feeling those changes, seeing my surroundings.

With time, the days get warmer
The memory of my cold heart fades
It is what you choose to do with that time,
that controls the way you feel.

I knew I would feel better in time,
because heartbreak can become subdued.

I could count on spring to come unexpectedly
on a morning in april

But I made those days last longer,
I reveled in those feelings
Lived in the moment;
cold or warm, proud or ashamed
in pieces or put together

I learned you cannot control time,
but you can control what you do with it.


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