the music never sounded so good
than it did when i heard it with you
we’re high above the clouds,
floating over white peaks
the stars shine still the same
but they seem so dull tonight
as my chest tries to escape
the weight of all your implications
i tried not to assume,
but that’s all i had left to do
when the words were gone
and guessing became less of a game
and more of a way of life
im back here again
where i was that day when we left it all
up to interpretation and up to ourselves
where are you now?
when the music is playing and im on the sidelines
standing in the shadow
of what was then, and what is now.
what was it to you
other than what it seemed to me
where are you now?
when all i ever needed to know
was that you would be there
im here, at the baggage claim
and there you were, half sitting on a ledge
looking at me like you could never bear
to look at anyone elses smile
im here, at the baggage claim,
and there you were, asking me why
i never looked back,
telling me you watched me fly away
then there you were,
and i was a stranger to you,
sitting at the baggage claim
wondering when i would take a flight
and find a place
where i couldnt find you,
around every corner in my memory.

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