On the other side of things there is a world that is so big
its hard to know where we begin
where your foot steps lead you,
may not always be back home
there is a place for you here, but there is an end
so will you take your chances on the great outdoors
or lay your head down on your dreams
on the other side of things I can see clearly
put down the rest of it,
and escape the reality of something so small
there are skies that have not seen these parts of me
there are seas that have not spun me around
and I will get there, if you let me
I will go.
there’s a world out there that was formed from
wandering minds and insistent souls
its humbling in its vastness and intimidating in its mystery
and nothing if we don’t experience it
there is a view that takes your breath away,
and air that guides your eyes
I’ve seen a lot and seemed so small,
that I thought that all of it, wrapped itself around me
chewed me up and spit me out.
there is a gnawing near my heart,
there is a road I have not walked.
All of this, on the other side of things.
Where we start to begin, and where we find what was lost
I see the same moon wherever I go,
and it is in that night that I know home has nothing to do with a place
nothing to do with borders and street names.
Home is always where you find yourself
enthralled and alive, creative and inspired
Home is where you went when you needed to know
there was something else on the other side of things
Where your fingers shake and your veins feel weak,
but you have the power to take control.
There is a world out there, a world that never asked anything of you
that has only ever begged you to go beyond city limits
Strings of hope connected the dots in my thoughts,
and pulled me into a place on the other side of all of this
Where I could see things for what they truly are,
and learn to love my world for its flaws.
There is a lust I can’t shake for all the things unknown,
an unappealing and terrifying curiosity for life,
as life should be.


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