Lost Art

I gave you a place in my mind,
and I watched you dance along the sidelines of thoughts
You sat there catching butterflies, you sat there taking names.
When I sat you down, and told you I would give you my name
I thought that this place in my mind would hold you always
Clearly, I was unaware of the future
Clearly, I was not thinking of my past.
I let you stand in footprints already formed,
by those who had come through before you.
I gave you this place in my thoughts,
as I begged myself not to give you a place in my heart.
Take a guess at who you are,
and wish in vain I spent these words on you.
But you were only a vague remainder of something,
that came at the wrong time and passed on turbulent misgivings.
Forget that place that you fell in love,
forget the romance you thought you knew
Because all of that I thought I felt,
maybe it wasn’t for you.
I’ve been begging for validation that I don’t want.
I gave you a place in my mind,
to see me in my most insecure moments,
to see where my thoughts start and gently catch the notions
of something else.
I let you in, gave you a tour of all my secrets
and pushed you away when you wanted to know more.
Why? Why would you ever take a glance past yourself,
and look into what you were doing to someone else?
You and I started and stopped in my mind,
never filtered through my eyes to truly see you.
Never filtered through my heart to truly love you
You are a stranger as before,
just the way they all begin.
You are a stranger who lead me to water and told me to swim.
You are a lost art, something too complex and unpopular to be received.
Don’t you ever try to knock down these walls,
don’t you ever fall into my regrets again.
You are a lost art,
you are lost.
And you will always be.
So don’t you come around here, and tell me what I want to hear.
Don’t you come around here,
Don’t you ever come to me.


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