The Commutative Property

My high school math teacher may not agree, but I did pay attention to some of the things he said. But like all people who create, I had the tendency of taking what I learned and turning into something a little bit out of the box. So here it is, something I wrote during math class in 2008. Who said algebra is for nerds?

The Commutative Property

Our seasons have already changed,
we have already lost what we were fighting for.
But what kind of cause would be so easily disregarded?
If there was any importance held in your hand,
when you wrapped your fingers around mine,
this would be coexisting.
We would be an absolute value.
Having the same appreciation for each other
whether negative or positive at the time being.
I guess this is proof that we are both on different trend lines,
that my slope is my own and no matter how hard I try,
your formula will never add up to equal amounts of what I’m made of.
Call us an inequality,
a perfectly common and forgotten inequality.
Can you blame me for trying to balance this equation?
And if our hearts were equivalent,
our lines of best fit,
would have best fit in each other’s arms.
Subtracting our errors to recreate a picture perfect image,
won’t produce an accurate graph of where we find ourselves.
You have these irrational ideas in your head,
these fractions of thoughts.
I’m just some kind of real number,
working with anything I’m handed.
I have never been too bright when it comes to mathematics.
But, I think if we found a common factor,
reached a certain reciprocal perspective-
I could be your coefficient.


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