Views From An Airplane

the downside of yearning for the things you have not met in life,
is that you lose sight of the beautiful things you already know.
stuck in a rut, stuck in a mindset, getting out was what I needed.
yet you can only run so far, until yourself catches up to you.
there are only so many corners you can hide in,
before the world that you already knew, meets the world you wanted to create.
few things that are new, are complicated.
from the sky, the city lights don’t tell you stories of the people that walk their streets.
a far off view, can only lend you so many details
details that you stretch to make sense, details that you start to realize
when you are finally, living in them.
wanting a change of scenery so badly that you can actually create it in your mind
pauses the spinning of the surroundings that you live in
if I looked on this place in an airplane, I would see what strangers crave
my vision of home was blurred and silenced,
until I viewed it as something I had never seen before.
when you do, when you look upon something so familiar,
the way it would seem as if it were foreign
you find the intricate details intoxicating.
instead of shutting out the world, and developing one more exhilarating in my mind
I will listen to how the wind stirs, I will see the ocean meet the land
I will make the details that envelope me, new and worthwhile.
we only have one life,
and there is no life in constantly wanting something different.
we only have one home,
and there is no home in something that knows nothing about you,
and that you want to know nothing about.
so i’ll take it.
i’ll take it and run with it.
and make it so I can always see the beauty in something stationary.
so that I can always feel how good it is,
to be home.


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