Your Big Debut

Driving down the old avenue,
the flag swayed lightly in the breeze
and I could feel you in the air
Because it was heavy,
a weight that brought me back to the days
where you were a constant,
and so was the burden that you came with.
I stopped at the light,
and remembered the traffic lights in your town.
They were in need of repair,
and I realized so were you.
Something was there that was broken,
So I picked my pieces up and put them aside,
in order to work on you.
My hand rested close to your chest,
as you smelled my summer hair.
We were two halves,
that could never make a whole.
We were lost and confused,
silently begging each other to make us complete.
I know that you pretended for awhile,
and I know that what you had imagined,
almost became your truth.
Maybe we could have acted out that fairytale
in sickness, and in health.
But acting is meant for short periods of time,
meant to be edited and rehearsed.
I cannot edit those days we spent together,
and no amount of rehearsals could have prepared me
for what was to come next.
We put our scripts down,
and I begged you to keep reading,
To keep playing the part that I had wanted you to be.
In the midst of the storm that came from our last day,
I knew somehow that,
those old traffic lights weren’t for me.
That turbulent script, was unprepared for the big screen.
And you could never play the part,
of my happily ever after.
Because that part, was written for me.


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