An Affliction for The Atlantic

the great big blue,
when everything else has changed and come full circle
there you are,
still the same after all these years
my reliable atlantic, my anchor
the streets around you have holes in the ground
the store fronts come and go
but there you are big blue,
to bring me back.
back to where it all started.
the immensity of it is calming
the vastness that continues to call to me
where the love held me
i played and laughed and cried in you
i fell under your power and gave way to the waves
in you i let myself lose control,
and i found it all again
my ground, my footing
even when it sunk slightly and sprinkled my ankles
this is where it all began
where i came when i had nowhere to go,
and i sat when the world wouldn’t stay the same
my calves flexed, my arms flew towards the sky
and i fell in love all over again
with the great big blue
that smile came back to me here,
created a sparkle in my still brown eyes
and it stayed there, the reflection of the atlantic
it is always there, in my eyes
light bounced along the ripples of your break,
and i knew that nowhere i went,
could take away the glimmer of the Atlantic in me
i am so small, i am so fragile.
anywhere else in the world it would make me feel powerless
but here it stills me,
gives me strength within my fingertips
holds me to my dreams that i can see were never lost.
they are all here in the ocean,
as will they always be.
they are all here in my reliable atlantic
it is everything to me.


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