Dull Absence

Not that you have missed me, but you may have wondered where this blog went for a couple weeks.


Not sure…

But I am back, slightly re-inspired and ready to hop on this writing horse again. There has been no shortage of events, parties, trips, social interactions and all of that. For some reason however, none of them really spoke to me in the past couple months. The problem was probably that I was waiting for something to come along, and knock me off my feet. I guess I wanted something to just show up in my life and demand that I feel it. While I was waiting, I realized that if we don’t get out there and live our lives, and make ourselves feel something, we are never going to experience the true joy of life.

Instead of waiting for an opportunity to fall into my lap, I should have been making my own opportunities, and taking my own chances. I should have been letting my unshakable curiosity consume me and lead me to adventures in familiar places. I should have been forcing myself out of my comfort zone and into a new adventure.

I have a new goal, to find some adventure in each day. If I can do that, I will never be uninspired. There is no reason why we should sit back and let our lives be dull and submissive.

A cliche but powerful quote comes to mind, “Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all.” – Helen Keller

So what are you going to make yours? 


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