Flutter Love

I have held love in my palm,
grasped it closely between my fingers
and squeezed, so that I could possibly keep it
So that it could become mine,
and I have possessed such a desire
to have you possess me unconditionally
and in doing so, I have lost my hold on reality
I have held on to a love because it was mine,
it was owed to me, but in holding so tight,
I forgot to let you breathe.
Love is not tangible, it exists in whims and appreciation
we have an innate need to capture beauty
to show it to the world in an image,
to have it caged before our own eyes.
But no love that is confined, could ever survive
A flower that is trimmed,
and a soul that is controlled
will cease to hold the aura that made you want it so
A butterfly will float along, flutter in the wind
just as a love that is pure and good will prosper
when it is alone
I wanted to possess our love,
I wanted to cage it and watch it grow
so I clasped my fingers around all that we had,
and I refused to let it go
only when I opened my hands, and opened my heart
to trust that this world would create a beautiful thing out of you and I
I saw you in the most natural form of yourself,
found gratitude for the universe and fate
There I knew that I could stand back and observe,
that there were reasons why for us, it was just too late.
To keep something close to you,
you must give it the world to wander
and hope that when it has seen all it can,
it will find you again.


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