Call It Closure

Our stars found home in a dark sky,
And the igniting light between our hearts,
It flickered, burning strong
Then out again-
To the tune of your favorite song.

My name left your lips, chapped and dry
Through a season of long loneliness, you would never reach the sky
And inhale the wind, so calmly
But I got to watch you try.

Fumbling and flickering, were our stars
Next to pale moonlight.
Dim hopes and ambitions grew into creative motivations
When my mindset caved to the completion of a past, turned so bright

Clear like the night sky,
I have replaced what was a viscious thought pattern,
And a cruel reminder.

We do not combine,
Our moons and our signs
But we can exist in relative space,
Learn to live as separate entities.
We can learn to live just fine.
Heart strings and lullabies,
Have long since left my side.

The beginning of our story started,
Coated with humid nostalgia,
And a sunny disposition.
Just as it came and went, we parted.
Ending finally,
With a hopeful and tranquil submission.

April 10 2014


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