Honey I’m Home

How devastating it is to open the door and lay your bag on the ground
Knowing that right where it is,
no one will trip on it
How tragic it is to walk into an empty room
and know that as silent as it is,
It will stay that way
All night
And all through the next day
How lonesome it is,
to know that your bed will feel just as empty as it did the night before
That right where you left the pillows, they are untouched
As you are
How hollow it is to know that at the end of the day
when you have done all you can,
The only frustrations you share will be with yourself
The achievements will only be known by you
The words, the thoughts, the feelings they are given to no one
Because no one is there when you get home
How devastatingit is,
to open the door
And know that you’re alone.


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