Day 252 – The Way Back

I simply cannot NOT reblog this. Truly amazing writing, incredible rhythm, fascinating visual. Truly truly beautiful piece of art. Thank you for sharing this with the world.

Little Pieces

The day I said ‘I got this’
was the day I spun around
and skipped off merrily

I have not stopped rewinding
since then-
perpetual reverse,
uncanny strangeness,
and the meadows plastic.

Green sunshine on dry rivers,
nonsense world approaching death
and I compelled to blind motion,
terror-stricken, to my end.

Who has let the land go mad
to suck all logic from my hands,
to hurl me ever back to birth,
to die where I began?

And who could set it back again,
what power could reclaim
an inverse, deranged existence
speeding to its conclusion?

The wildflowers seal their reeking petals
as nightrise starts the day,
and as I struggle to lift my hands
my knees are failing-

sprawled over scrambled clouds
I cry for help and all suspends-
suddenly there is such light
that I can see my way no more

and I’ve begun again.

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