For you my love.

The word friend is plagued with indifference and lackluster appeal these days. What is a friend? Someone you trust, confide in and find support from even in your darkest moments. Someone who does not love you out of convenience but rather- loves you despite of the inconveniences it may bring. Everyone is fighting their own battles, waging their own wars against the tribulations of every day life. A friend is someone who does not turn their back on you in the midst of hard times, but someone who is eager to hear about your battles and eager to lend a helping hand. Being there for someone when they feel as if the rest of the world has turned their back on them not only makes you a better person, but it positively effects the life of that person. So if you choose to call yourself someone’s friend look inside yourself and be sure that you have done for them what they would have done for you.


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