He’s The One


I am in love with a figment of my imagination,
an aura who comes to me in each new presence of a man
Infatuated with a personality whom does not wholly exist on earthly grounds,
but runs into my arms when I am nearest to someone who may make due

His soul finds me in other living beings,
paints a picture of someone that i can make them out to be
And I fall so long and so fully into each new beginning with a stranger
A stranger who I have felt that I have known forever

I am purely satisfied in making you,
who I want you to be
whether you are you, or him, or a fragment of me
The flaws in you become hidden by my mind,
yearning for who I knew

Wanting to be complete
When time wanders listlessly,
and we are never progressing
only growing older,
while striving to stay youthful,
in a world that ages us far past perfection

Falling faster into the subliminal,
steep and treacherous the path it goes
There you are, in every shape and form that reaches me
Spinning your imperfections into artful appreciations of the mind,
you come to me, so fast and so entirely, that I am blind

Lost in you whether or not I should be,
because no matter your age,
your character or way with words
I constantly make you out to be
just who I need you to be
Just enough for me to fall,
crawling sadly, passionately and desperately
into the arms of my imagination.

Because it is there he keeps me warm
and it is not in you or the others,
or any of the men previously
but it is in my mind – that I sleep soundly

Your soul is lost on me, but what I have found is so much more
that fear is not fear of what it might be to lose you,
but what I may find when I clear you from the fog-lensed reality

My past construes such mystery, around you,
surrounds you, so peacefully
Yet there you are when I sleep,
what I have begged for mercilessly
A perfect muse, who appears to me
in every man I want you to be.
I created you, simply for me.

june 27th 2014


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