Girls In Dresses

We dance in circles around ourselves,
Perpetually taking serious matters lightly
as we take ourselves too seriously
We wander, and take risks
But always come back to what’s familiar.
Our voices echo, in rooms with hidden secrets
and our soft skin is betrayed by us
with sunshine and cigarettes, alcohol and eyeliner.
Our singing is loud, louder still when we are alone
Sweet tears fall in place on our cheeks,
more than they should
because we care, more than we should –
Despite what we want you to think.
We will spin around you in a rushed and floral fragranced motion
Subliminally begging you to love us,
all while expressing our need for independence
Because we are so wildly uncomplicated,
and so beautifully untouched,
In our opinions – which forever stay naive
Only become pushed further from the surface.
We are charming and demanding,
playing within our boundaries until we lay our heads down at night
Silently venturing to places you could never know.
Because we are sweet, so sweet
As sugar, as cherries, as pearls
Yet there is a mystery we’ve solved in spite of it all,
The mystery of the world.


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