Ms Interpreted

What if you died tomorrow and no one actually knew you?

Do you ever think about how you present yourself, and if you simply disappeared what they would say about you?

There is a mystery about the way I live.
People are complicated.
No one is one way or the other.
And if we are simple we are flawed-
Because to be simple is to ignore the complexities of the world – to see it In fragments and not as a whole.

There is irony I think in peoples opinions.

Some have thought there is something intriguing within me.

There is not.

I display no mystery or false presentations. I weave no reality of what I would like, only what I am.

In fact I think they have mistaken mystery for honesty.

Today it is foreign for us to be so plain.
As I am an open book, as I would be wholly myself, in any circumstance, I am mistaken for interesting.

I am not interesting. All I have really done is become uninteresting, by letting go of the facade.

And letting it slip off my shoulders. Because when we are naked of these misinterpretations, that is when I am ready for people to speak of me.

When someone knows you, completely.


One thought on “Ms Interpreted

  1. Lovely.
    We as identity are just ripples of our whole. Our honesty, authenticity or truth lies in being a part, translucent of reality. I think it’s important to distinguish the whole being, whole self or the whole body from the self, identity or ego. Our whole is a whole human being, we and our reality or what we experience are a figment of imagination, a part of our whole created and placed or projected by a whole being from his or her brain-spine.


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