Summer Feet

Grunge rock and roll, on a blue orchid night
Where I laid in the grass,
slid a cigarette in between my teeth
Wondered where you were,
And touched the ground beneath me
Pulled that old flannel over my shoulder,
my eyelashes met each other.
While I sat there listening, to the silly little birds,
Just wandering.
What was their song about?
What was anything ever about anymore.
The liquor we shared was strong,
but I’m stronger baby.
Just a little bit stronger
Than I think you anticipated.
So passive, submissive
But you took it a bit too far,
pushed me a little too hard that time.
Turned my back on that six string and your Marlboro reds.
We can talk about jam bands,
’til the night ends
But if you want to hurt me
You’re going to have to hit me.
Come on babe, like old times
Cause your words,
Or lack thereof
Just don’t hurt anymore.
So if you want to knock me off my feet now,
You’re going to have to knock me down
Just like old times,
just one more
I’m not so fragile, never really was
Bet you’re downtown,
roaming down brick streets.
Bet you’re looking to score
As I’m sitting by this flower bed,
Digging my bare feet in tight
Next to lillies and baby’s breath
Glistening in a summer sweat,
In my cutoff blue jeans.
Wondering what the world does,
When I let it stop spinning
You called me sweet girl and I hit the road,
Hit it hard.
Consider that,
my way of hitting you back.


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