Reason to Breathe

After a storm there is always a stillness
A time to live in retrospect,
To recollect old memories and old thoughts
There is a calm, that comes after a disaster, fleeting and mesmerizing
A smile through broken frowns,
A peace of mind in moments of spinning dizziness
There is a wave that breaks, close to your heart and a wind that blows through wild hair,
A wind that blows through shattered bones, and broken skin
And as it twirls around you,
You breathe for the first time.
You breathe in deep and feel your lungs expand and you know in that moment
That you are alive.
That no one is you in this whole world, and you have purpose despite your flaws.
And you breathe out all the emptiness that surrounds your soul,
And know that you are made of more than flesh,
That you are something this world needs,
That you have reason to breathe.




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