Catch Me If You Can

I found an old flash drive from when I was in college in 2010… thank God I did because it had some personal writing on it that otherwise would have never gotten to exist. Here is a throwback for you, called Catch Me If You Can. It is interesting to see how my writing style has kept a lot of the same tendencies but definitely differs in ways as well. Hope you all are having a productive and creative day 🙂

Catch Me If You Can

Don’t catch yourself;
thinking of torturous “what if’s”
regretting the words,
that never got further than the tip of your tongue
wondering how each of my days without you plays out
holding fast to the taste of my skin
wishing helplessly for a happy ending
hoping things eventually set right,
morally and selfishly
Don’t catch yourself;
asking where it was that we took our first wrong turn
getting weak at the unexpected sound of my name
I’ve caught myself,
I’ve done all the same.
Until I realized,
we’ve got nothing but ourselves
nothing but ourselves to blame.

December 2010


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