The Writing Process

Writing is one of the few things I find to be more of a release than a process. Rather than the logical step by step method of an arithmetic equation, or the tedious balancing act of a chemical solution, the art of language and the power of using it correctly has always been something that has come to me more as a natural instinct than a forced procedure.
Personally I view writing as I would view an action of any human being, the way it is handled and responded to should be based on the situation at hand. For example, I go about writing a research paper in a much more scientific and orderly conduct as I would if I were writing say, something like this. First, I tend to scrutinize every possibly topic until I find the “perfect” one, from there I will continue to organize my thoughts using an outline. Due to my personal beliefs that writing is less technical than many other subjects, try as I may, the organizational outline is generally left in the dust when I get carried away with thoughts. Once these scattered thoughts are all put onto paper, I edit them. Depending on the size of the “word mess” I have created, it can take one brief overview or hours on end of drafting and editing before the paper is just right.
In contrast, when writing something that I am passionate about, something that comes more from the heart than from my brain, I tend to let it be. Focusing less on over-analyzing the grammar and rhetoric, I shift my focus to make sure I am providing an interesting and passionate account of the subject. I find an angle; sometimes a certain emotion and I convey it to the best of my ability- without really thinking if it will be considered “wrong” or “right.” This is because one of the things I love most about writing is that despite all the rules and “I’s before E’s” of it, the writing process is defined by the writer not necessarily by what they produce.

The Writing Process
January 3, 2011


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