The Karma Series – Law Seven

Spectacular Examples of Bokeh Photography:

7. The Law of Focus

You can’t think of two things at the same time. You should climb up a ladder one step at a time. When you lose your focus, you let in insecurities and anger.”

What’s important to you? Most people would answer that question with, “family, my career, my spouse or significant other, having a roof over my head,” things of that nature. Now, what’s distracting you? What’s getting you down, frustrating you? A lot of times the things that are dragging us down, are not the things that are truly important to us. As a society, we tend to focus on things that aren’t as important as we make them out to be. We also tend to multitask. In my opinion, multitasking isn’t a bad thing. I do believe that you have to know how to do it effectively, or you will end up doing all of the things that you were doing at the same time over again. I like to multitask knowing that my different tasks are leading me to the same end goal. That way, you are getting more done, but not losing track of what you want. You are honing in on one single outcome, while accomplishing multiple things in one time frame. If you can though, it is always better to do something step by step, inch by inch. I wish I did that more with my writing. If I chose to put every ounce of time into writing, every penny I had into it. If I had gone to school for English, and gotten freelance jobs while working on a novel – I would most likely have a book published by now. But we are human, we have many different interests, concerns and desires. Writing is  something I have always wanted to have more time to focus on, more time to indulge in. I fully believe that by following this law of Focus, I could have had what I want.

Figure out what you want, and make it your focus.


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