The Karma Series – Law Nine


9. The Law of Here and Now

“Looking back to examine what was prevents us from being totally in the HERE and NOW. Old thoughts, old patterns of behavior, old dreams, prevent us from having new ones.”

Nostalgia is a dusty rose vignette around memories black and grey. It blurs the edges of what we remember, it forces us to see things with a tinge of remorse for what was, rather than gaze on them at face value. Nostalgia can make you yearn for things that once were, even if when you had them they were of no value to you at all.

Thoughts of what have been, tend to turn into thoughts of what could be. Euphoric recall, is the term. And it will eat you alive. Constantly focusing on what could have been, making something out to be more than it was, better than it was. Firsthand, I still do this. This is one of the laws that most resonates with me because it is one that I can learn the most from.

If we are constantly going back and analyzing the events of the past, memorizing as not to let go, obsessing in order to possibly gain back, how are we creating a better future? It is a lost cause, trying to change the hands of time. The only thing you have control over is what is right in front of you, that is it. You can choose what you do right now, and if you choose wisely, chances are you will not have to look back and wonder. If you are constantly looking back, you will never have the chance to choose wisely.

Here we are. Right now. In this moment, we will never ever be again. We have each second to make something with. The seconds, the minutes, the days, the years that we have seen are already lost. There is no getting them back. And to be blunt, if you are living your life right, you shouldn’t want them back.

It takes longer than people would like, but you end up in places because you are meant to be there. People end up in your life because they are meant to be there. Think about that. YOU are in someone’s life because you have the opportunity to make it better. YOU are in this position in the Universe, because at this point in time it is where the world can benefit from you the most. Take advantage of that, live in the here and now.

Breathe in deep and love every atom that creates the moment you exist in right now, because you will never be here again. And why not make the absolute best of it?




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