A Wilder Life

Rustic wildflower garden - LOVE!: Born on a full moon sky,
your heart as large as all the galaxies combined
You entered the world, wide eyed and alert
And every day since you have carefully observed your surroundings,
With big blue eyes, without judgement.
You see things as they are, clear of bias
You have no expectations, and yet the Universe lay at your feet
In those tiny fingers,
there is strength that has not met it’s limits.
Behind your eyes,
there is a mind constantly learning
Making sense of things, forming into it’s own.
You are free from the ugliness that can exist,
full of radiant light,
Filled to your cheeks with warmth and joy.
You are a spirit without restraints,
a fresh start, a blank slate.
Born into a strange place, an unfamiliar land
Yet somehow nothing scares you at all,
you have nothing but love and curiosity for this cruel world.
It reminds me of our purest forms, our truest selves.
At what point, do the complexities of life compel us
to stop being curious  –
Why does our daily dose of corruption
lead to diminishing morality;
Instead of guiding us to love more, 
to be more generously affectionate?
We have stopped trusting love. 
We began this way, children reaching for those we needed most
We believed someone would always be there
Slowly as time passes, 
we learn that those around us have a choice to be present in our lives, or to leave
And sometimes it is not a choice at all.
But eventually, we stop reaching. 
And you, my son, I hope that you always reach for love. 
I beg you, to love always.
 Even if it is the harder thing to do.
Keep the passion for exploration, 
keep the light in your soul.
I beg you to know the world for it’s beauty and newness 
and be able to find the adventure in each day
Even when they all feel the same.
 I ask that you continue to wake up each morning with a smile, 
Even when it is no longer myself that gets to see it. 
Even if you are waking up with only yourself to smile for. 
It is while watching you dream, that my spirit awakens.
I beg you to always dream, 
to know that imagination will never be something to be ashamed of.
You know no Evil, and I pray that you never do. 
I will stand between you and distress, until I can no longer stand. 
When the day comes that you must meet conflict, and pain
When you become aware of the flaws that do exist, I beg you to forgive.
 I beg you to believe in the goodness. 
I hope that you meet these disturbances with grace, and that your strength and faith, and the confidence you have in yourself, will guide you to rise above.
One day a long time from now, my mind will cease to exist 
my thoughts will finally stop revolving around themselves in my mind 
as they have gained so much weight in this life, 
they now require their own gravitational pull.
 I will turn to ash, and be returned to the Earth from which we were created. 
But you, when I do, 
will always carry me with you. 
As you will every day until then,
no matter what you know to be true.
I thought, before knowing you,
that I knew what it was to be free.
Then you arrived, and I realized
that a wilder life awaited me.


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