Dark Waters

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I’ve been spending time, trying to stay afloat

Refusing to drown in the murky waters you have left me in.

You filled the water to my chin,

watched me fight for my breath.

You let the paranoia of my own defeat set in,

pushed me to suffocate, rather than help me swim.

I continued to tread water, on and on

Too afraid to give up and too exhausted to move forward.

Without feeling, you watched

As I exerted all my energy into rising waters

You allowed me to drain myself completely of life,

determined to find solid ground.

Frantically, my arms flailed.

I never give up a fight.

I knew you got us here,

I knew you were the reason I was drowning.

Yet in one last desperate attempt to restore us to sanity,

in one last fleeting moment,

I gave you a final chance to redeem yourself –

To pull me up from the depths.

Ignoring my instincts,

I reached for you.

You took my hand, as my legs began to give out

and I felt hope once again.

Then you let the water rise, while looking in my eyes.

You watched me inhale,

before I sank slowly

Surrounded by the weight of your betrayal.

Only then, as the water filled my lungs, did I finally feel peace.

Only then, did I let go.


All Hail The Greyhound Bus

The light, stifled in your eyes
and your lips parted, and you pulled me in

How could I know?
those green eyes, those green eyes
they were the anchor.
How could I know?
That after that,
I could never let you go.

Countless miles, countless shows
We’ve seen it all in summer haze.
And how could I know,
that when that Greyhound bus
left me standing alone,
it would be so easy for you to let me go?

The freckles and the depth,
those green eyes.
Well they looked at me
But what they saw,
was an opportunity to get away from it all.

To get away from it all,
those whispers
and you sang to me so slow,
set up camp in my open heart.
How could I know,
that I was a pit stop on the open road?

Oh and the trouble, the struggle
and the way you shone
Set in sand
Set in stone

And you pulled me in closer
Before you let me go
Told me you knew I would see you again
Because true love, never ends.

So you stuck to the plan,
and stayed on the road,
your real true love
had much more control

Than I ever could.
And how could I know?

That cinemas and seashells
would scarcely exist,
in the world that you went to
So far from all of this.

Your addiction is strong,
your true love is real.
So heavy, so heavy
How could I know?

Those green eyes, anchored in my soul.
Where you stayed in my heart, for that very short time
Will have a reservation
Until you are mine

Those green eyes,
those green eyes.
God they deceived me so.
But after all of that,
I couldn’t have known.