Dark Waters

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I’ve been spending time, trying to stay afloat

Refusing to drown in the murky waters you have left me in.

You filled the water to my chin,

watched me fight for my breath.

You let the paranoia of my own defeat set in,

pushed me to suffocate, rather than help me swim.

I continued to tread water, on and on

Too afraid to give up and too exhausted to move forward.

Without feeling, you watched

As I exerted all my energy into rising waters

You allowed me to drain myself completely of life,

determined to find solid ground.

Frantically, my arms flailed.

I never give up a fight.

I knew you got us here,

I knew you were the reason I was drowning.

Yet in one last desperate attempt to restore us to sanity,

in one last fleeting moment,

I gave you a final chance to redeem yourself –

To pull me up from the depths.

Ignoring my instincts,

I reached for you.

You took my hand, as my legs began to give out

and I felt hope once again.

Then you let the water rise, while looking in my eyes.

You watched me inhale,

before I sank slowly

Surrounded by the weight of your betrayal.

Only then, as the water filled my lungs, did I finally feel peace.

Only then, did I let go.


Christmas in March

Full Moon #LGLimitlessDesign #Contest:

The lights across the pond,

they flickered in the reflection

of water so still –

we wondered if it would ever move again.

of water so dark –

We praised the light that waltzed across it’s serene surface,

for having the bravery to dance among the darkness.

While the rest of the world was so still.

Shampoo for the Soul


Prompt #765. Describe in extreme detail a shower or bath. Talk about your process and make some connection between the cleansing and your life.

Here I am again, it’s raining. Inside, from a shower head. Made of plastic. Another modern invention for this modern world full of modern shit. And none of it really matters. We are back to square one, the water and I.

I come here to breathe, because it’s harder. I come here to think, because it’s quiet. I come here, because even in my bed I feel alone. But under the water, trickling down my thigh, rolling down my spine, I am experiencing solitude and not loneliness. I am experiencing warmth, I am coming clean. I am always so desperate, just to come clean.

jan 2015